I never thought before that I will fall in love on trekking. Not until I climb Pico. One of my most memorable experience. 1 month later, my friend asked me to climb again. Since I really had fun last time it is time to discover again another a breath taking view. We gone to Mt. Maculot at Cuenca, Batangas that is also being called as the Rockies. When you reach the top the breathtaking Taal Volcano. Since we planned to do ”Twin Hike” for this day, we met at 4am to start our day. We arrived at Cuenca, Batangas at around 6:00 and started the climb at 6:30 and reached the peak at nearly 9:00am! Too good that we followed our itinerary! 😀 See the amazing view below (except my mandatory pre-hike photo) hahahaha.

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It’s been a  month since we did the trekking on Pico De Loro. And it is really unforgettable since it is my first hike and it is raining. It is 2 hours away from Manila, but since I just live in Silang, we got there after 1.5 hours. We really hoped that time that when we get to the top, but the rain did not stop. But one thing is for sure, WE GAIN LOTS OF FUN and STRENGTH AFTER. I trek with Pabebe barkadas, that made me laugh non-stop. Hahahah. (until now. lol)

***TIP. Since it is my first time to hike and I did not do any training, I suggest that you do a little jogging or running a week before you hike. This gives you strength especially on your legs. The hike also requires you upper strength, because that time we need to pull ourselves with rope because it is muddy and stiff. ****

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