Bloggers United 9

I am very excited to share this post to you guys! Bloggers United is a twice a year event for bloggers. Majority of online influencer came together to put out this event. It is like a meet and greet event slash bazaar as they are also selling their pre-loved personal stuffs. Most of the participants are fashion bloggers. On this event, it has been powered by Smart communications and their official hashtag for the event is, #BU9xSmart. This year it was celebrated to Whitespace Makati, last June 6.

It is my first time to go on this event, after 8 bloggers united passed. I’ve always wanted to go on this event, first because I want to see my favorite bloggers on one place (who wouldn’t? It is a all in package! See your favorites on 1 place? Cool.) Second, of course having a selfie with them and get a chance to talk to them! (Especially to Camille Co! Waah! I am a certified fan! 😍 lol.) Third, having a chance to dress like them as they are selling their pre-loved personal things. Such as clothes, shoes, accessories, and bags.

Can’t wait to share you my selfies! Waaah! I hope I can have many on the next Bloggers United! I will see you there? Yes!


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Carnival from top

Each of us has a little kid inside. Sometimes we want to be the thrill seeker, adventurous, and happy not thinking what the rral life is. (considering our age.)

Last month my friends and I went up. We went to Skyranch, located at Tagaytay City, Philippines. Tagaytay is well known on it’s cuddly weather. It is also known on it’s breath taking view to Taal Volcano’s. Since it’s summer time, we decided to put some cold and thrill on our body. Yay!

Skyranch has various of rides that kids, teens and oldies can enjoy. One of their attractions is the so called Skyranch Eye. It is like a ferris wheel that is over looking on whole Tagaytay. The view is indeed breathtaking as you know that you are on top of the mountain.


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