What camera did you use on that photo? I know most of you heard this question already and we have different answers on it. Some of you use DSLR, Full Frame Cameras, Mirrorless, GoPro or of course mobile phones. We are in a generation that loves documenting and put it on social media. Well for me, traveling has been my favorite thing to do and I need a great companion to document it. 

So I am just new to traveling, Instagramming, and blogging. During the first few travels, I only use my phone and borrows camera whenever I go on a trip. After nearly a year doing this, I decided to check out an affordable, handy and easy to use camera.There are many sites, reviews, Instagram accounts that I scouted and finally saw the Fujifilm X-A2 camera. So basically when you are reading this now, it is not the latest A series in Fuji because there are Fujifilm X-A10 and Fujifilm X-A3. So Why I did buy it? It is a simple answer of love at first sight. Lol. But seriously, when I saw the reviews and photos produced by this camera, I fell for it. And now that I am using it, I got attached and already know the camera well and produces the shots that I want and exceeds my expectation, it makes me happy and contented. They say that this camera is just an entry level when it comes to photography, but it really produces good photographs. It is convenient, handy, and easy to use. Plus it’s lightweight. It is commonly used by some bloggers and newbies just like me. Just learn and explore more on it. 😉  Here are the detailed specs if you want to know more about it.  So if you are a Fuji X-A2 user and want to upgrade na, think again. Lols. But why I don’t want to upgrade? It is simply because wala na akong pera. Charing! But on the serious note, if you really want to produce good photographs, it is not about the camera that you are using, it is about the skill and passion that you put on your subject. Also, it is better to invest on the prime lens than the camera body itself. Try to buy another lens that suits your needs and I promise it will be worth the money! Here are some of the photographs that I shot using this camera. Hope these convince you to not let go your camera in the meantime! Heheh.   

Keep shooting!- JAR


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