Me vs You

We work together, but not on same ways.
We have the same brains, but different perspective.
We are both creative, but on different ways.
We are both educated, but has different learnings.
We are both young and driven but have different passion.
We are both goal oriented, but not same goals.
We can both hear, but have different understanding.

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When you say relationship, what comes first on your mind? Well I guess majority will say, romantic relationship. Because that is the only thing that many of us thinks when we heard “relationship” like having a romantic or commitment to opposite. But there is also one kind of relationship that definitely will come to cross to your mind, Friendship. I am a kind of person that really values the friendship that I have.

I am in love with the kind of friendship that I have on this people. I really cannot imagine living alone or without having a friend. A friend always remind me that I am worth it and I am not alone. A friend will never get you into trouble. A friend will never leave you behind though you are separated by distance. A friend is someone that gives you bunch of advice when you feel like that the world is against you. A friend is someone that will pick you up, whenever you feel so down. See? Almost all the positive things can be done by a friend. Anything that will make you happy and will cheer you up, I assure you they will definitely do anything just to make you happy and safe. Continue reading “A KIND OF RELATIONSHIP”