I know you’ve been to so many white sands and perfect crystal water beaches, but for me, Maniwaya Island in Marinduque has been my second favorite so far (Kalanggaman Island is divine promise). Aside from it is very accessible since its just 5hrs-6hrs from the Metro, the clearest water is waiting for you. Imagine riding a small boat while seeing the corals and fish under it is indeed a perfect eye therapy.

There are various things that you can do in Maniwaya and here are some:

1. Go Island Hopping

Aside from the Maniwaya itself, you can go to other islands to visit, Ungab Rock Formation, and Sunog Bato at Mompong Island. You can also explore the other side of Maniwaya Island itself.

Ungab Rock Formation

Photos are from the Island of Maniwaya

2. Palad Sand Bar

It is more than just a sand bar. Different from the other sand bars that you’ve heard, Palad Sand Bar only shows off when it’s low tide. Best time to be there is late afternoon between 4pm-6pm or early in the morning. Though it is cool if you wait for it to appear. Imagine you are sitting in the middle of the sea and waiting for it to come out. It is just 15mins-30 mins away from the Maniwaya itself.

3. Chasing Sunset

I am a sunset chaser. Whenever I go on a trip I always wait and look after the sunset. (Sometimes I sleep half day then wakes up the late afternoon just for it. haha)

4. Snorkeling

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, the water is so clear that is best for snorkeling. The life underwater is much colorful and alive. There are many different colors of fish and corals that you can spot under. Sometimes tourists luckily catch big fish and (BAM!) they already have dinner.

The water is inviting you to explore under.

5. Look at the Stars…

look how they shine for you. 🌟🌠 Yes. Indeed. The stars are the star of the night. ❤ It will really find you relaxing. All you just need is to get a good back cover against the sand, and a music that can be played beside you.

Hope this helps you! Here are few tips and trivia that you might want to know:

  1. Their primary transport is bangka. Going to the market? They use bangka (small boats).
  2. Apply lots of sunscreens. Well, it is SOP but still reminding you. (And remind myself again.)
  3. At Sunog Bato island, there are spots there that you can cliff jump. Just be careful okays?
  4. At Ungab Rock Formations, the rocks are slippery. Better to wear a good pair of sandals, preferably the non-slippery ones. Entrance fees apply if I am not mistaken it’s 5-10 pesos each person.
  5. Tents are allowed at Wawie’s Resort. You can rent tents or just bring your own. There are also cottages and air-conditioned room that can be rented.
  6. If you are going there in a private car, there are locals there that allow you to park your car at their garage at General Luna Port. Ours are 2 cars for 2 nights that cost only 200 pesos. (Cost might change.)
  7. There are grocery stores at General Luna Port where you can buy enough foods and supplies that you will need throughout your stay.
  8. Electricity is only available from 3pm-6am in the morning.
  9. Henna Tattoo is also present near the Wawie’s Resort. They are not always there, but most of the time they are. Cost per tattoo is 100 pesos.
  10. Expect a huge number of people during weekends and long holidays especially in General Luna Port.
  11. HALO-HALO is also present beside Wawie’s! YAYS! ❤️

How to get there:

Via Private Car:

  1. Take SLEX, enter Calamba exit and head over to General Luna Port in Quezon Province.

Via Dalahican Port

  1. Ride a bus in Buendia bound to Sta. Cruz or Marinduque. Ask them to drop you off to Sta. Cruz.
  2. From Sta. Cruz ride a jeepney that goes to Buyabod Port. From there, there are boats ready going to Maniwaya.
  3. Find a bus going to Lucena, Quezon or directly to Dalahican Port. Ask to drop you off directly to Dalahican Port and board a ferry bound to Balancan Port, Marinduque. From Balancan Port, ride a jeepney that goes to Sta. Cruz and from the center of the town there are tricycles going to Buyabod Port. From there, ride a boat bound to Maniwaya.

Where to stay?

Wawie’s Beach Resort
Contact no.: 09067512497/ 09213695359

Happy escaping! – JAR



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