Me vs You

We work together, but not on same ways.
We have the same brains, but different perspective.
We are both creative, but on different ways.
We are both educated, but has different learnings.
We are both young and driven but have different passion.
We are both goal oriented, but not same goals.
We can both hear, but have different understanding.

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Olla! It’s been a long time since I wrote here. Probably, I am quite busy on work, figuring out what my interest are, the goals and how can I be brave on what I really wanna do.

Those are the things that always pop up on my mind. Getting out on my comfort zone and live on my dreams. Until I watch the movie Home.


Photo courtesy of Google

Home is an animated movie from Dreamworks that talks about hope, sacrifice, friendship, letting you see the world and giving yourself another chance.

Home is basically about Oh, a happy, excited who is a member of Boov. Boov is a group of cute species led by Captain Smek and currently looking for a relocation home to run from their enemy, Gorg. Until they found the Earth. Boovs friendly invades the Earth and relocates the humans on the other part of the planet and use their home instead except for Tip. Tip survived on the city invasion and her mission now is to look for her mom Lucy. Continue reading “HOME”