If you like to experience a divine place, I am sure you need to hit Leyte and visit Kalanggaman Island. I never thought that I will become an island girl, since I more on mountains. Plus this is my first time to hit an island ever! And I could tell that it is really an awesome experience! First time to go on an island and get to overnight on a divine place. (Sorry, no other word on this place but divine and divinity.) I never thought that I would see this kind of place in my life. The sandbar, the clearest water, the purest white sand and of course the adventure is really overwhelming. We are just lucky to spend on the island with a very few people. Literally we are just accompanied by 1 family when we spent the night here. Another first time is that we slept only in tent. Really cool. It is like we own the island. hahah. Isn’t it that awesome? The sunset and sunset never fails me. It’s beauty make me realize how lucky I am to witness both.  It is literally a happy place for everyone.

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