If you like to experience a divine place, I am sure you need to hit Leyte and visit Kalanggaman Island. I never thought that I will become an island girl, since I more on mountains. Plus this is my first time to hit an island ever! And I could tell that it is really an awesome experience! First time to go on an island and get to overnight on a divine place. (Sorry, no other word on this place but divine and divinity.) I never thought that I would see this kind of place in my life. The sandbar, the clearest water, the purest white sand and of course the adventure is really overwhelming. We are just lucky to spend on the island with a very few people. Literally we are just accompanied by 1 family when we spent the night here. Another first time is that we slept only in tent. Really cool. It is like we own the island. hahah. Isn’t it that awesome? The sunset and sunset never fails me. It’s beauty make me realize how lucky I am to witness both.  It is literally a happy place for everyone.

There activities that it can offer to you. On the other side of the island, there are a lot of divers, on the other side, you can do snorkelling,  and kayak. The is the cheapest Kayak that I ever heard. For just 50 pesos, you can now enjoy the Kayak for 1hour. Isn’t it that cheap? Another fist time of me. 😀

If you are looking for affordable trip with you barkada and family, visit Kalanggaman, the sunburn is really worth it. Come to think of it, I only spend 4000 pesos in this trip. (Seat Sales are the best!) I assure you, 4000 is too much, you can only spend 3000 with airfare here! Too cheap to resist. Uggh. Until now, I can hear the wind and the sound of water. It is like the mountains, the water is also calling. Lols. Check out my photos. I hope this convince you to visit! 🙂 Plus a happy video from us. 🙂

12976983_1163892050289281_1282769117526326327_o 12360090_1088160977862389_169559563858172005_n 12360088_1093536593991494_1487243782775405239_n 12359991_1088155881196232_8940341177150037283_n 12342326_1088156551196165_2334064956537427523_n 12316473_1088156971196123_29793104741500857_n 12313654_1088156584529495_7347835418656175753_n 11230221_1129740360371117_9098901955890405151_n 12246651_1088156431196177_5036766480225083616_n 12311330_1088156354529518_889591661383057637_n 11057838_1100470616631425_7069567799917496199_o 10687917_1142441892434297_6392070004277415403_o

13181195_1182111391800680_330715212_n 13214493_1182113185133834_1728827933_o

  13162448_1182119865133166_159132631_n 13140809_1182118998466586_2081105808_n 13152675_1182120478466438_1268938420_n 13153335_1182119245133228_1703223294_n 13199470_1182122281799591_267376362_o

Check out our video below! 🙂

I hope you got to experience this kind of adventure also! Until our next trip! 🙂 -JAR


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