Hi! it’s been a while. But yes, I miss this kind of writing, on this post, let’s forget about workloads, stress and everything that will give you bad vibes. Since this is my second time on travelling, let me take you at Subic, Zambales Philippines. Subic bay is located on the west coast of Luzon. Since this is my first time here, it is really nice to see the people and place very discipline. The place is so clean and maybe this is because they are preserving several attractions here. They have two major attractions here: Zoobic and Ocean Adventure. As you notice they are more in animals, but hey the foods here are also good. Pardon on my few photos of the food, because I am so hungry then! Hahah.

Subic is just 3-4 hours drive from Manila, and we are not lucky enough to try on our first agenda, since it is raining. (Bad weather though. 😦 ) We just decided to go first to Zoobic Safari first, where the wildlife is there! 💓 Take a look at the photos. I can say that 1 day is not enough here. There are several things that you can do. Below are the photos of our road trips and from Zoobic. Continue reading “WEEKEND WARRIORS”