Things You Should Know Before Going to Taiwan

Planning for a trip in Taiwan? We, Filipinos have few months left to use our Visa-Free trial in Taiwan so go grab that plane seat and explore Taiwan. But before going, here are some things that might help you to explore the country with less hassle.


Yes. Although we are on a visa-free trial period the country has conditions before you pass their immigration.

  • Passport is valid 6 months upon arrival in Taiwan.
  • A return ticket going back to the Philippines or ticket on your next destination.
  • No criminal record in Taiwan.
  • Copy or proof of hotel accommodation/host’s contact information, itineraries or booking confirmations.

That’s it! Those are easy to follow and now you can enjoy Taiwan.


Taiwan has 4 seasons.

Summer: June-August

Fall: September-November

Winter: December-February

Spring: March-May

Some northern parts in Taiwan experiences snow from December-February. One is the Snow Mountain in Taichung. We went to Taipei in February and it rained all day. Thus, bring your umbrella with you all the time. Temperature is more likely from 11degrees to 16degrees. Some areas also shows cherry blossoms as early as third week of February.


With this, we suggest you change your money at least 2 weeks before you go. Reserve NTD or New Taiwan Dollar at your BDO branch. Because based on our experience ,they have reasonable exchange rate vs our local airport and Taoyuan Airport. Please also be informed that if you decide to change your money in Taoyuan Airport, they have service charge and some don’t operate 24hours.


Yes. Even on top of the mountains, internet is fast and reliable. You can rent Wifi router in Klook. It is really convenient and reliable since we always do DIY plus, Google Maps is life especially when you don’t use taxi (we rarely use taxi). Plus you are always connected. Just bring the powerbank if you’ll be out for the whole day as it only lasts for 6-8hours. Also, it can connect up to 5 devices.



There are two cards that Taiwan has to offer if you are a tourist.


  • This pass is a combination of unlimited transportation (Bus and MRT) and some attractions based on a given period of time in Taipei City, New Taipei City and Keelung City. This pass has 1-Day, 2-Day, or 3-Day unlimited and valid from the date you started using it. For more information visit this link.

            EASY CARD

  • This is what locals use. You can purchase this at NTD100 and you must reload it. This card can be use in MRT, bus and majority of convenience store. We personally use this to know our expenses and can be used to pay in convenience stores especially when you are leaving Taiwan already.
  • This can be purchased at Taoyuan International Airport. At the arrival area, just go down the escalator and on the right side you can find a convenience store just ask the cashier. And just the same floor, the bus ticketing booth lobby located where you can stay before the sunrise. Just right beside the restroom, the reloading machine for the easycard can be found.

Photo by Eda Busayong


From the arrival area, just go down and you can find the Bus Ticketing Booths. There are 24hrs bus service going to Taipei Main Station. Hop in Bus 1819 if you are going to Taipei Main Station. If you are not going to Taipei Main Station, check this link for other schedule and destinations.  If you already bought and loaded your easycard, you can use it to pay just tap it before you take your sit.


We personally opted for an early morning arrivals so we have ample time to do our things: Pocket wifi pick-up, buying and reloading of cards, and getting some sleep on our first day. But all our luggage are with us and must be put into somewhere before we start our first day tour because usually the time of check-in in hostel is around 2pm-3pm.

Lucky us that majority of Taiwan MRT stations offers baggage lockers for us to put our belongings. At Taipei Main Station they have electronic operated lockers.  But if you have many things to deposit, we suggest that you go to Taipei Station Baggage Center. They can accommodate your luggage from 8am-7pm. Cost per luggage  is 50NTD while backpacks are 30NTD each. Note, cost is for the whole day already not per hour. But they will ask you to claim it before 5pm before the rush hour, the last 2 hours will be very busy.

How to get there?

From the Taipei Main Station main building, go and exit East Gate 1. From there, go straight until you see the bus stop and waiting shed. Walk right until the end of the shed and cross the street towards to the taxi lane. Continue straight and after the park, turn left. You’ll see also some taxis in front of it.

That’s it! If you have any recommendations and questions, please comment down below and hope this write-up helps! Enjoy Taiwan! ☺



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