It’s been a  month since we did the trekking on Pico De Loro. And it is really unforgettable since it is my first hike and it is raining. It is 2 hours away from Manila, but since I just live in Silang, we got there after 1.5 hours. We really hoped that time that when we get to the top, but the rain did not stop. But one thing is for sure, WE GAIN LOTS OF FUN and STRENGTH AFTER. I trek with Pabebe barkadas, that made me laugh non-stop. Hahahah. (until now. lol)

***TIP. Since it is my first time to hike and I did not do any training, I suggest that you do a little jogging or running a week before you hike. This gives you strength especially on your legs. The hike also requires you upper strength, because that time we need to pull ourselves with rope because it is muddy and stiff. ****

Sharing you some photos before we start up to the top. 🙂



wpid-dsc_0028_2.jpg 11695926_1010792585599229_4286717346884237405_n 11692745_1010792485599239_5848554633809187512_n 11402989_1010796535598834_527191596272391325_n 11265447_1010798955598592_2981960925586303480_n 11698755_1010792692265885_4225636042645059211_n

10995882_1010796798932141_3191305411492685250_n 11659557_1010796822265472_5551138691675885447_n 11665549_1010799135598574_4292507241025071587_n 11693936_1010792865599201_6279840876199575312_n 11700829_1010796895598798_3076939185012299977_n 11705180_1010796642265490_860659912773957238_n

We do not have the picture to the peak, because it is raining then so you will not see anything just the fog. hahaha. Will sure get back here and see the breathtaking view!

After we did the hiking, we went to the beach. We are just clueless where to go. So we asked the guide to lead us to the beach. And we found the paradise! Waaah. I couldn’t have thought that I would visit this virgin island. We are the only one there. All the hardship that we gone from hiking was gone.

11705107_1010799202265234_1263055774578854071_n10996969_1010799098931911_2912735140329914389_n 11659423_1010799048931916_6019521029491976195_n 11666241_1010948792250275_8277938953961876470_n 11698584_1010948625583625_5832453051965913941_n

I really can’t wait on my next adventure. Hiking is addicting! – JAR


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