I never thought before that I will fall in love on trekking. Not until I climb Pico. One of my most memorable experience. 1 month later, my friend asked me to climb again. Since I really had fun last time it is time to discover again another a breath taking view. We gone to Mt. Maculot at Cuenca, Batangas that is also being called as the Rockies. When you reach the top the breathtaking Taal Volcano. Since we planned to do ”Twin Hike” for this day, we met at 4am to start our day. We arrived at Cuenca, Batangas at around 6:00 and started the climb at 6:30 and reached the peak at nearly 9:00am! Too good that we followed our itinerary! πŸ˜€ See the amazing view below (except my mandatory pre-hike photo) hahahaha.


11888071_1033564823322005_6380815542832352743_n11873485_1033567486655072_2196352930988493985_nSo sorry as I am looked tired. hahah. Pardon on my pabebe face. πŸ™‚

11057337_1033568383321649_1544533478680167699_nWe could see each other from the other side of the mountain. This is about 15-20 minutes from the Rockies.

11889461_1033564093322078_2432189853132899008_nAnd no things comes easy. So, the struggle is really real. hahaha. We have to overcome those big rocks.11863315_1033568513321636_3115420407158278497_n



11907126_1033561699988984_3825409646793781112_n 11889554_1033561599988994_7259875694272046125_n 11889672_1033570833321404_1346499169002525707_n

After this hike, we already gone down after 30-45 minutes of taking photos. We Β decided to go on our next destination. Mt. Manabu it is also near on Cuenca, Batangas. Sorry that I did not get some photos. Because we are so tired. hahah. When we got to the pick? One thing only we did is to sit and enjoy the fresh air.

I hope this will not be our last hike and I am ready to experience more mountains! Too excited for it. πŸ™‚ How about you? Have you experienced climbing mountains? Share me your thoughts. Because I am addicted already! πŸ™‚ Β -JAR


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