I know you’ve been to so many white sands and perfect crystal water beaches, but for me, Maniwaya Island in Marinduque has been my second favorite so far (Kalanggaman Island is divine promise). Aside from it is very accessible since its just 5hrs-6hrs from the Metro, the clearest water is waiting for you. Imagine riding a small boat while seeing the corals and fish under it is indeed a perfect eye therapy.




Gusto mo mag Masungi? Are you willing to wait? Promise this is worth the wait.” And after 4 months, (Yep. 4 months of waiting) we finally made it! I saw many photos, adventure films and, articles before my friend invited me to try this. I bet you already saw and heard of Masungi because of the photos of a giant hammock and giant spider web along the trail that tells it is a must see. And as expected Masungi Georeserve did not fails to amaze me on its unique trails and breathtaking views. Indeed, it is one of the picturesque places I’ve been too.



And finally, the long wait is over! After many attempts, I finally saw Mt. Pinatubo and checked it on my bucket list! Many thanks to Travel Now or Never for arranging and made this trip (and dream) come true. It is definitely worth the wait.

And since this trip was created on Facebook event by Travel Now or Never, we’ve gone with different people whom we are meeting for the first time. And it is one of the many things I looked into, meet new people and listen to their stories. So we started the hike by riding a 4×4 (maximum of 5 people) for about 45mins. But this is one of the nicest parts, there is a spot in the middle of the 4×4 ride wherein they stop and allows you to take photos. It is soooo much fun! You are like in the middle of Mars! (Though I haven’t gone to Mars. Lol) During hiking, you will encounter several Aetas that are willing to have their portraits. Then another 30-45 mins going to the top. It is an easy hike though, so it depends on your pace on how will you reach the top the fastest. And there is nothing to worry if you are a first timer, I am sure you are going to surpass the rocks, sands and few streams. And I have to share that there are old Japanese people who went and hiked that time. I asked, and the oldest one is 70 years old! (GOALS!) And he reached the top! Our guide told us that the oldest hiker is 85 years of age and an Australian. would love to be like them when I reached that age! And reaching the top is all worth it, what more on them right? If they can, you can do more! But here is the thing, when we’ve been here, we experienced drizzling and thought it will be a rainy hike and I felt quite disappointed. But never lose hope!  We arrived at the top at 9am, no drizzling anymore but clouds are everywhere on the crater. And I found myself telling, “clouds, clouds go away, let Mt. Pinatubo show it’s beauty.” And after 2hrs of waiting, IT FINALLY SHOWS UP! The color, and the perfection, indeed a beautiful disaster!

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