Gusto mo mag Masungi? Are you willing to wait? Promise this is worth the wait.” And after 4 months, (Yep. 4 months of waiting) we finally made it! I saw many photos, adventure films and, articles before my friend invited me to try this. I bet you already saw and heard of Masungi because of the photos of a giant hammock and giant spider web along the trail that tells it is a must see. And as expected Masungi Georeserve did not fails to amaze me on its unique trails and breathtaking views. Indeed, it is one of the picturesque places I’ve been too.

Masungi Georeserve is located in Baras, Rizal, and it is just an hour away from the Metro. So since I live in Cavite, it takes 2-3 hours to be here if you leave at 4am. Masungi Georeserve is a conservation area that aims to reserve its spine of rock formations, Flora and Fauna within its 1500+ hectare. Masungi derives from the work “Masungki” that means “spike” because of the jagged limestone that you’ll see within the area.

So here are the things to expect from Masungi Georeserve:


We started planning in January and ended up hiking in May. Basically, they don’t entertain walk-in hikers. Go to their website and start checking the dates and request a visit. Weekends are usually fully booked so we ended up in May. (because we are all “Alipin ng Salapi”. Lol) A minimum of 7 packs, and a maximum of 14 packs per group.


If you are new in hiking, I bet this one is for you. They provide what you need. Umbrella, from car park to jump off. O diba? They also protect you from the sun. Water, if you forgot to bring water and even tumbler they will also provide. Water is free while the tumbler is less than 100 pesos. But I suggest you bring your own and it is advisable to have 1-2 liters depends on your consumption and weather. Have heavy bags? Don’t worry they have lockers where you can leave your other belongings and they’ll lend you a drawstring bag for your must-carry stuff. But I suggest to wear light clothes and pack light as much as possible. This will give you convenience for sure. 🙂 Helmets, they require it to keep you safe from the sharp and low rocks along the trail. And oh, they don’t have washrooms where you can take a bath after.

***But here’s a secret, near the parking there is a restroom there where you can do whatever you want. Just ask for the keys to the guardhouse. YOUR WELCOME. lol 😉”

Here is the jump-off area, where briefing and things you needed will be given.


The trail takes 3-4hours depends on your facing. Since you are going uphill, expect to use your cardio. Most of the trail is in cement steps, to make it easier for the individuals. Each station, the guide will give you 15-30minutes to stay, appreciate, amaze, take photos, and of course, catch your breath! Lol. Unlike other hiking experiences wherein you’ll do rope and rock climbing, Masungi Georeserve offers net climbing experience. Expect a minor (shorter one) and a major one. At first, it feels scary but hey, it is really fun. It is one of their ways to conserve the rocks and biodiversity down there.

Have fun on top of the Giant Sapot (spider web), where you can see the Sierra Madre range and Laguna de Bay.

Bridges. Expect more than 2 bridges.

Rest on the giant hammock.

Expect these scenic views. 😍

Yungib ni Ruben


It is like you are with Big Brother. But this time, you only communicate with Mother Earth and the people with you. No phone signals as soon as you arrive in the area. (Even in the parking lot.) It is your time to appreciate what you see. 🌏


At the end of the trail, each will be given a COLD or FROZEN towel (which is really what you need and wish for). Snacks is also served as part of your payment, (1800 on weekends, and 1500 on weekdays; price subject to change without prior notice. So I suggest you visit their website. ☺️ ) Not just the towel, but it also comes with Calamansi juice, banana, and wheat bread with either tuna spread or chicken spread.


Well in my case, I usually go with the majority of strangers when I hike or travel. Usually, I am the so-called sabit and kaladkarin. And I guess it is not bad at all. It is always nice to meet those kinds of passionate and adventure seeker people. So don’t be afraid to travel with strangers, mostly their stories are inspiring.


Since Masungi Georeseve is a protected biodiversity, be a responsible hiker (well always).  No smoking, no littering, no picking of flowers and rocks, no feeding of animals, and no shouting. Just follow these reminders and enjoy the unique experience. – JAR

Masungi Georeserve
KM 47 Marcos Highway Baras, Rizal
Email: trail@masungigeoreserve.com
Website: http://www.masungigeoreserve.com/


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