“Gusto mo sumama sa Sorsogon sa Feb 4? Weekend lang. May sasakyan. Feb. 3 ng gabi alis.”- My friend asked me 2 weeks before the trip. And I said, “Okay. G. Feb 3 last day ko sa work.” And it become a roadtrip.

The date is near, but still I didn’t know where we are going. They told the place, googled it, but it does not excite me until I saw it myself. Seeing Mt. Mayon for the first time… Fulfillment.Happiness. Slept in a 2 story open Kubo, meeting Waldo, listening to the angry waves at Lola Sayong. Good times. Bicol is definitely one of my favorite destination. Even it is just only over the weekend, it give us sooooo much fun, good memories and such discoveries. I hope next time, Mother Mayon is not shy as this na and can show off beauty next time!

After almost 15 hrs of driving and stopovers we already reached our main destination Lola Sayong Surf Camp at Gubat Sorsogon. Sorry if I dont have photos of people who are surfing. hehehe. As we got there with just a few people. 🙂 (I advise you go there now!)

Lola Sayong Surf Camp is a non-profit organization that consist of young passionate local volunteers. Their mission is to make the Earth a better place. The place is definitely away from the city. The fresh air, beach vibe, hammocks, detox area, food, surfing and sunset behind the palms is a must feel here (Okay enough! I am daydreaming and reminiscing again. 🙂 Such a beautiful place).

I guess this place is really good on the adventure seekers and the chillax ones. They have everything for you!

Look at the waves. It will really give you serenity. What a weekend travel after last day of work. hahah. Truly refreshing enough.

As we drive home, we saw this beach. And look, you can just pass by for a little talk while enjoying the scene.

Overall this, unexpected trip (for me) is really surreal. Glad I got to discover again a place where you can definitely relax. -JAR

For other queries for Lola Sayong Surf Camp

Kindly visit their website: http://www.lolasayong.org/

And their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Lola.Sayong.Surf.Camp/


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