And yes, so what it feels like to see and shoot a milky way for a first time? Oh geez. Seriously? It is really insane! It is my first time and it is really addictive. After that, I want to chase everyday, shoot everyday (but not all the places have the same sky as I’ve seen).

And it all started at my Bataan trip. I just couldn’t believe that the Bataan stories about stars are just so true and I really cannot explain what I’ve seen those night! Orayt, So we came there for a long weekend trip. There are no plans, really. We just have our tent and goal to sleep at Stella Mariz resort at Bagac.

And this is what really happened, Saturday afternoon we left at Dasma and arrived at Balanga, Bataan at 9pm. (yes. our ETD time is really not reasonable because it is All Saints Day long weekend. So I suggest you travel earlier. Literally.) And since we arrived there very late, we decided to rent a Tricycle that we paid for 500 pesos just to get to Stella Mariz. Quite expensive but believe me, it is reasonable, since travel time is 30 mins to 45 mins.

So while traveling to our destination, I couldn’t help but to look up on the sky, and my eyes mesmerized on the millions of stars I saaaaaw. (Really. Huhuhu.) Imagine, singing Coldplay’s song a sky full of stars. ❤ And since I really want to have this milky way shot, I googled the ways on how to capture it just by using my point and shoot camera. And viola! It is really something. Huhuhu.

Check out these photos. (Brightened up your screen. Heheh)


Can you spot the little meteor? I cryyyyyy.


dscf1940 dscf1981 dscf1996 dscf2083

After Stella Mariz, we traveled to Mariveles to see Sisiman Bay. And then we met Kuya Johnny, one of the care takers at Sisiman Bay. We got offered 500 pesos room for 2 with aircon. Wooot. And a bonus of Videoke on their place. And instantly, it is all worth it!  Check out the insane sky on Sisiman Bay.

dscf2369 dscf2372 dscf2373 dscf2347 dscf2321 cropped-dscf233011.jpg


Overall, all my expectation at Bataan has become a good memory. Gone there with just a tent, a tripod and a backpack is truly unexpected and extraordinary. Been so blessed to travel here.

So below where Stella Mariz Resort located and their deets.

Stella Mariz Resort
Brgy. Banawang, Bagac Bataan
Contact Person: Delia
Contact her at: 09205507360

Unfortunately, we were not able to get Kuya Johnny’s number. But I’m sure, when you get to Sisiman Bay, you’ll meet him! 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Go go go to Bataan! And let me know what kind of experience you had. 🙂 -JAR


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