A week before September 16, it came to my attention from a person whom I follow on Snapchat that there is a birthday celebration that is going to happen on that weekend. It’s Spectrum’s birthday! So it is basically my first time to hear Spectrum Fair, and they celebrated their first birthday last September 16-17, 2016 at Whitespace Makati. Okay. The thing is, at first I have no idea who they are, and when I did my researched, (bam!) I immediately made my decision to drop by!

So Spectrum Fair Manila is a one of a kind event for your indoor and outdoor essentials. Yes. These are not just about clothes and shoes, it is about everything. Musics (Chilling while you shop), Travel, Personalized Gifts, Hand-Made Crafts, Home, Fashion and of course, FOODS. Yes. So it a one stop shop for you and believe me you will not get tired. They made the coziest and colorful decors! (Hay. This really gives me a hang over on this experience.)


Photo Courtesy from Spectrum Fair Manila

dscf1432-01 dscf1426 dscf1427

Every booth has different style and things that can offer. Take a look on my favorites:

dscf1381 dscf1384

If you are a travel enthusiast, you will surely love One For The Road! They will give you, your wanderlust needs!


Second will be The Olive Tree Company, it is a love at first sight! It will give you a Moroccan feels! The linens are beautifully printed in full colors, they are just perfect at your home. Plus, they have this coasters that comes in set of 6 pcs, for 500 pesos! Isn’t a great gift idea? Head over to their website now, and shop.

dscf1447 dscf1396

3rd. Okay. I cannot be believe that I can be speechless when it comes to food. Seriously. These donuts, is everything. (UGH. I am now craving.) This is the ordinary donut that you will eat. I promise. The softness of the dough and the not so sweet galaxy coating, I swear! You will want more! And to think that is made by a kid, kuddos to you young lady! Get it from: Dount Poppa!


Another, Since I personally love dreamcatchers, it literally catched my attention. From handmade dreamcatchers, to artsy, wanderlust photos. It is definitely worth to buy. I even saw the sellers make dreamcatchers at their booth. My inner artistry is tickling. The booth is really nice. (huhuhu. I want my room to be like this. Hahaha).


Ooops. Looks can be deceiving. These are not macarons, really they are soap! Yes! They are soap from Soak Artisan Soap! Ugggh. Can’t get enough of their creativity and they came up on this design.

dscf1382 is all about minimalism. Their products are simple, yet gives elegance. I swear, it is my first time to see a canvas this sophisticated. The foldable blanket is also a hit. Check their page, you’ll love it. 🙂

And that’s it! I can’t wait for the next Spectrum Fair! PS. I don’t have Food concessionaire’s photos because I am busy eating instead of taking photos of them. hahaha. – JAR


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