Hi. Okay. It is good to be back. And I totally missed this! 😦 This time, I promised to be active and be more informative. lols. Now, I am launching another category on this blog and I know, both of us is excited. And it is FOOD! Yes! I added food on the category, this will definitely tackle on different restaurants and of course food! And to start over, let us me take you to Iloilo from Quezon City! You read it right, famous Ilonggo food at Quezon City!

July 16, 2016.I got a chance to meet the people behind GrammerPH (follow them: At this day, their first birthday (Belated happy birthday! :D) and launching of new hashtag. In partnership of Marina Oysters they launch different hashtags including #GPHFood of course for foods; #GPHWander for the wanderers and travelers; #GPHPortrait for the people portraits and #GPHArts for the instagramable arts. 🙂 Since it is my first time for this kind event, I got very excited! (Well of course aside from the foods but the chance to meet new people) Okay. To make this post make you hungry. Kindly see below photos the foods they gave us!



dscf0533 dscf0526 dscf0628 14329245_1271117922900026_480127267_o 14360463_1271117756233376_638423261_o 14315683_1271117799566705_430520969_o 14315504_1271118032900015_904097616_o

Photographers on the go. 😀


Isn’t this Marina’s special makes you hungry? Hmm. NOW go. Get some food before eating these oysters!

dscf0536 dscf0515 dscf0513 dscf0508 dscf0505 dscf0502 dscf0497

And overall, everything was amazing, from the newly met people, first time event, a birthday celebration and of courseeeee… FOOD! It is definitely worth the trip. (Since I live in Silang, Cavite and it is located at QC.)

And you know the drill. See details and visit them soon!

Complete Address:

Marina Oysters Seafood Grill: #98 Scout Reyes Cor. Mother Ignacia Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City.

Visit their  FACEBOOK page for the complete branches, latest and promos. Enjoy! 🙂 – JAR



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