Me vs You

We work together, but not on same ways.
We have the same brains, but different perspective.
We are both creative, but on different ways.
We are both educated, but has different learnings.
We are both young and driven but have different passion.
We are both goal oriented, but not same goals.
We can both hear, but have different understanding.

We are both individual that has unique characteristics, culture and passion.
We both wants to survive and blend in this kind world.
We both wants to be understood by other people.
We both wants to grow as an indivudual.

Why don’t people understand that they are unique and cannot be the same person as others?
Why don’t people stop thinking that they are nothing whenever they don’t appreciated by others?
Why don’t people focused on what their strength is and make their weakness become challenge?

Each individual is unique. God created people with their weaknesses to see people that will lift you high, who will mentor you, who will guide you. Everybody’s uniqueness makes this world better. Thus, never compare yourself to others, because you are special. 😄


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