Olla! It’s been a long time since I wrote here. Probably, I am quite busy on work, figuring out what my interest are, the goals and how can I be brave on what I really wanna do.

Those are the things that always pop up on my mind. Getting out on my comfort zone and live on my dreams. Until I watch the movie Home.


Photo courtesy of Google

Home is an animated movie from Dreamworks that talks about hope, sacrifice, friendship, letting you see the world and giving yourself another chance.

Home is basically about Oh, a happy, excited who is a member of Boov. Boov is a group of cute species led by Captain Smek and currently looking for a relocation home to run from their enemy, Gorg. Until they found the Earth. Boovs friendly invades the Earth and relocates the humans on the other part of the planet and use their home instead except for Tip. Tip survived on the city invasion and her mission now is to look for her mom Lucy.

Okay Oh is very excited, happy, and very free thinking specie. But unfortunately nobody wants to be his friend and everyone is annoyed at him. On his first night on his new hone he organized to an open house but no one came. 😦 While sitting on his window thinking what happened he saw his self proclaimed friend, Kyle a Boov Cop. He sent a message to all inviting them to come on his house party and accidentally sent to entire universe including Gorg. All the Boov panicked because as soon as Gorg sees the message he will know where they hide. And all the Boovs will be doomed. Oh was declared to be fugitive. And the chasing and escaping starts. As Tip with her pet Pig (who is a cat) is ready to look for her mom and running away from Boovs, she drags herself on a convenience store to grab some foods and accidentally see Oh who is doing the same thing as they and locked him with broom to the fridge. Tip will go to her car but suddenly her car cannot start. Oh offers to fix the car. And Tip allows him. Oh fixed and turn the car to a newly invented hovercar that has multiple functions and fuel by slushies. Upon fixing, Oh made a promise to Tip that he will bring her to her mom.

As the Boovs is in search how will they resolve the problem caused by Oh. Capatin Smek asked the big headed Boovs to think of a solution and came out to figure the password of Oh to cancel the email. Captain Smek assigned Kyle to look for Oh and get the password.

On the beginning of the trip instead of routing on Paris which is the place that Oh says to Tip that that is the place where her mom is, he re-route the car going to Antartica where there is no human and Boovs. On a gasoline stop over Oh tried to ditch Tip on their trip that fails. They continue the trip and found the friendship between them. They continue the journey towards to Paris.

Upon their arrival on Paris, both Oh and Tip are aware that Oh is still on looking by the Boovs to punish. But suddenly Tip think of a solution that Oh should be transform or make him different as she put a mole on Oh’s face. Oh did not expect that the problem that he cause is still unsolved and make way to enter his password on the messenger before it sent out to Gorg and follow where they are. Oh successfully enter his long password and canceled the message to Gorg.

They thought they have to rejoice as he resolve the problem and make him a hero. But they are both wrong, Boovs want to erase Oh for the mistakes that he has done. As the Boovs rule, a Boov is has 9 mistakes allowed and Oh has 62. And there’s a possibility that Oh can commit mistakes again in the future. The reason why Tip tilt the gravity manipulation system that turns the Eiffel Tower downward. Towards this manipulation, they manage to back to their car and go to Australia where the true humans relocated. As the journey continues, Gorg has unexpected attacked that lead them to engine failure of their car on a forest. Oh says he can repair the car by the drone came from Gorg’s ship. And the car worked again.


Photo Courtesy of Google

They make it to Australia and saw lots of people. And saw lots of Boovs going. Oh has second thoughts if he will accompany them and tried to push Tip accompany him. But Tip don’t want to come with him and her only goal now together with Oh is to look for her mom. Tip left Oh to find her mom. Tip, did not saw her mom on her first attempt. On the other hand, Oh became the Captain of the Boovs because he saved the whole clan from Gorg’s attacked. Oh realized that he must find Tip and help her to chase her mom because deep inside he found home from Tip’s presence.

Using a tracker, Oh and Tip found her mom Lucy. Both are happy until Gorg came his way. Oh figured out why Gorg is chasing the Boovs because of the rock that Captain Smek stole. And the plan is to give it back to Gorg to end the chased. Oh decided to do it on his own. And luckily he did it! The human and the Boovs live together and they are happy on both company.

Here is the trailer. Enjoy! Haaay. I love Jlo’s song! Live with your life. 🎢🎢🎢


Video courtesy of Youtube

So sorry for this long plot. πŸ™‚ I just want to give you an idea how the story goes. But here are my realizations.

1. Mistakes are human nature. Well don’t count how many you have. But the thing is you’ve learned from it.

2. Value the friendship that you have. It is not about how long have you been friends, it is how long will you still be together. Trust one another and don’t leave them behind.

3. Going out on your comfort zone. Hope gives you an idea that you can do beyond on what you think. There is a hope where you can change everyone thinks of you.

4. Finding Home. Home is are people around you. They are your family and friends. People that will surely not leave you behind. Humans passed away. But the memories, experience, learning that they give it will never fade. πŸ™‚

5. Now, start thinking for your goals and get out your comfort zone. And find the true happiness on your true Home.

On mine? I will start writing again and share random thoughts with you. I hope it will work and I hope you will like it. πŸ™‚ -JAR


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