Hi! it’s been a while. But yes, I miss this kind of writing, on this post, let’s forget about workloads, stress and everything that will give you bad vibes. Since this is my second time on travelling, let me take you at Subic, Zambales Philippines. Subic bay is located on the west coast of Luzon. Since this is my first time here, it is really nice to see the people and place very discipline. The place is so clean and maybe this is because they are preserving several attractions here. They have two major attractions here: Zoobic and Ocean Adventure. As you notice they are more in animals, but hey the foods here are also good. Pardon on my few photos of the food, because I am so hungry then! Hahah.

Subic is just 3-4 hours drive from Manila, and we are not lucky enough to try on our first agenda, since it is raining. (Bad weather though. 😦 ) We just decided to go first to Zoobic Safari first, where the wildlife is there! 💓 Take a look at the photos. I can say that 1 day is not enough here. There are several things that you can do. Below are the photos of our road trips and from Zoobic.

10678845_10201783440028102_2101571208440511790_n 10639352_10201783442108154_6823115500548784744_n 10390372_10201783445068228_3496802198547386189_n

And those are my weekend buddies. And call ourselves #SubicBabies. 🙂









Isn’t this tiger cute? Wanna bring her home! joke. I cannot. hahaha.

Day 2 is all about Ocean /adventures, where you can witness the sea animals perform! yes. They are amazing especially the dolphins. ❤


1505012_891832544161901_3667059365511741157_n 1507102_891834440828378_7378986381538213233_n






Sorry I have few photos of them. Next time I will focus on them not our our selfies and groupies. hahah. 🙂

Our last stop is the Sandbox. But unfortunately, it was already closed when we got there. But there are some group photos. (of ours. /sorry for that. heheh )

1782088_891830554162100_485654594002199102_nI will definitely back to Subic if I will be given a chance. For this blog post. To add photos and all. I cannot express more the happiness that I felt when I came here. The environment, the foods, resto, the people that I am with. All are unforgettable. Will definitely go back!  Credits to Ruth for other photos. :)- JAR


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