When you say relationship, what comes first on your mind? Well I guess majority will say, romantic relationship. Because that is the only thing that many of us thinks when we heard “relationship” like having a romantic or commitment to opposite. But there is also one kind of relationship that definitely will come to cross to your mind, Friendship. I am a kind of person that really values the friendship that I have.

I am in love with the kind of friendship that I have on this people. I really cannot imagine living alone or without having a friend. A friend always remind me that I am worth it and I am not alone. A friend will never get you into trouble. A friend will never leave you behind though you are separated by distance. A friend is someone that gives you bunch of advice when you feel like that the world is against you. A friend is someone that will pick you up, whenever you feel so down. See? Almost all the positive things can be done by a friend. Anything that will make you happy and will cheer you up, I assure you they will definitely do anything just to make you happy and safe.

I find this relationship so special, because I know these people is so like my siblings and family that will never leave me behind. These are the people and a kind of relationship that I will keep forever in my heart. 🙂 I may not be as “showee” as others there, but I can assure you, I will never leave you behind! Years has been pass but look at we are, we still manage to hang-out and having sometime with each others. Waaah. I hope when we grow older, nothing will change and keep this closeness the same. I this journey, I can find more true friends. hope in Kuddos for friendship! 🙂 -JAR


Photo courtesy of Google.

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