Welcome Coline!

As a Catholic, we always celebrate the sacrament of Christening. So in this post, I would like to share the Christening of my niece, Coline. As she celebrate the new world of being a Catholic.

Whenever there is an event on our clan, we manage to be complete and have not just one, but bunch of photos together. (Yes. bunch. As in a lot.) hahaha. I don’t know but over the years, my cousins and I manage to be more closer and closer to each other. As we only see each other whenever there is a event. I guess, that is one of the most things precious things in life, to spend time on your love ones, and celebrating every event as much as possible with your family. Part of it is our niece Christening,Β  now let me show you few photos that I had during Coline’s Christening. πŸ™‚

Β  10514617_10152668427794797_492021935066702557_n

And here is the pretty and super cute Coline! (Photo courtesy of Ate Larnz)


This is the venue. San Antonio De Padua Parish Church that is located at Pooc, Silang Cavite. Isn’t beautiful. As you can see, the place is so quite and so clean. No doubt that many artist got married on this Church.


C’mon Coline, look at Tita Juds! Lol!


_DSC0549 _DSC0571

These little kids, they grew up so fast!


With Ate Larni. πŸ™‚



Cousins galore! ❀


Pardon on my eyes! I looked like bagong gising. hahah.

Β _DSC0567

My adorable niece serenade by Christian Bautista’s look a like. “Beautiful Girl” Isn’t cute? πŸ™‚


As a remembrance on this event, each of us wrote a wish for Coline. I wish Coline, will grow up like her Mom and Dad that is so humble and lovable. -JAR


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