Close-Up Summer Solstice


It’s been a month since Close up hosted the biggest and longest music festival in the country. Yes, longest because it is a 12 hour non-stop party. I am glad that close-up brought Afrojack, Dev, Apster, Jamstarters,Cobra Starship and moree. As since this is my first ever music festival that I attended, I am really thankful to the people that organized it. It was almost a month stalking on different promos from the ambassadors and to close-up tweets. hahah. And luckily, I got an SVIP invite from a friend. I thank him a looooot. 🙂 And let me share you some of my photos. 🙂

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd there is the crowd partying with Dev. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd luckily, I got to see them. My favorite bloggers! Oh myyy. ❤

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd this is meee. Though ang haggard ko na, picture pa din. HAHAH. :))


And before I end up this post, I would like to share this epic experience of mine with Cobra Starship. I will never forget you people. NEVER. They threw a bottled water in the crowd, and guess what happen next? It hits meee. -___- Yes. Masakit, so I go to Red Cross for the first aid. Ang sakit kaya talaga. HAHAH. And my Tita saw me. (Yes Tita. Huli ka ngayon!) Telling me not say this to my dad (Love my Tita).  


Paolooooo, I and my new friends. 🙂 Mel and her boyfiee. Good thing to have new friends on this event. Sorry lang ang taba ko dito. HAHAH.

Though I did not finish the event, It was really nice to be part of this exciting event. 🙂 Thank you close-up for making this possible. And Kuya who gave me the tix. 🙂 This is what you called FUN! ❤


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